Apps & Web Applications

When we talk about apps and web applications, it refers to mobile apps or websites that are optimized for mobile use, are dynamic, and allow the user to interact with them. For example, these are systems that let the user log in, save information, and share content.

Solutions Optimized for Mobile

Well over half of internet traffic comes from mobile devices. That's why it's really important for us to ensure everything we build is optimized for mobile. It's not always easy to fit what you want to show, or create the experience you wish to offer on a small screen. Fortunately, there are many different solutions to these problems and we help you find them.

Do You Really Need a Mobile App?

Many applications today are what one calls web applications. Applications that can be used directly from a website without having to install them on your computer or mobile. This means there's less holding a user back from using your app. Therefore, it's a consideration we help you with when assessing whether your project can be made as a web application.


When we build web applications, we often work with Next.js, resulting in applications that are super fast and responsive. If we make mobile apps, we often work with React Native, which allows us to create apps for both Android and iOS at once.

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