Medusa Webshop

Build Your Webshop with Medusa and Integrate with Your Entire Business

With Medusa, you get a lightning-fast webshop that we can integrate with your external systems such as CMS, inventory, POS, accounting, and more.

Why Choose Medusa?

In some aspects, Medusa is not as easily accessible as, for example, Shopify, but it can do a whole lot more. Here, we highlight some of the features that we think are important.

Price Lists for B2B Customers and Discounts

Medusa makes it super easy to create price lists for individual customers, or larger groups of customers. This is useful if you want to offer special prices to B2B partners.

Connects with External Systems

Medusa makes it easy for developers to connect the platform with third-party systems such as ERP systems, CMS systems, POS, payment systems, fulfillment services, and more. And many of these systems already have plugins available.

Open Source

Medusa is an open-source system, meaning that everyone can contribute to the system. This also means that there is a large community of developers who build plugins for Medusa, which can connect to various external systems.

You're in Control

Because Medusa is open-source, it's free to download. You can freely choose where to host your server, database, etc. This can be an advantage in terms of price and regulations.

Admin panel

Medusa's Admin dashboard has all the basic features you expect from an e-commerce platform and more. Additionally, it's possible to extend the admin dashboard with custom modules that can power your webshop and automate tasks.


Medusa can be set up with React, and the result is always a lightning-fast webshop. This is important for both SEO and the customer experience with the webshop.

Our Experience with Medusa

At Hybl, we are well-experienced with Medusa. It's a system that is great to work with because you don't encounter the same blocks that you often do with other platforms such as Shopify when trying to create unique or complex e-commerce solutions. There's always a way to do it through Medusa, and if it doesn't exist out-of-the-box, the system is easy to expand for a developer. This is always tedious or even impossible in for example Shopify.

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