Den Sidste Flaske

A New Webshop for the Wine Merchant Den Sidste Flaske. Packed with features such as subscriptions, loyalty programs, reviews, and more.
juni 2022
A huge, huge recommendation for the guys at Hybl. They have been incredibly skilled at quickly understanding the needs we have had. They have been very adaptable, as we have run so many test phases to see how we should set up our entire setup.

Tobias Hinchely Pedersen

Owner at Den Sidste Flaske

A Wine Club You Want to Be Part Of

We have developed a wine club for Den Sidste Flaske through Recharge for Shopify. This provides the owner with an easy way to manage subscriptions. At the same time, we have set up an easy subscription sign-up flow for customers.

Next Level Wine Facts

Den Sidste Flaske is great at collecting facts about all their wines. We utilize Shopify's metafields to display everything you need to know before buying a wine.

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